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Welcome to
Art 'N' Tell Unlimited

Art 'N' Tell Unlimited was started by founder Caitlin Murphy. Caitlin is an educator and illustrator with a passion for helping young children reach creative independence through art and storytelling.  With over 20+ years of teaching experience, Caitlin has worked with preschools, non-profit organizations, and community centers on art projects designed by and for little hands.  

Book Sectio


Micky is a puppy that is super-curious about the bathroom, but his mom Katie ushers him out. He then wanders around the house, really bored, until he discovers that Katie has left the bathroom door open! Micky quickly uses this opportunity to unroll the toilet paper and eat the trash. He thinks he has gotten away with it, but soon discovers that he is not alone in the house. Uh-oh!


Young children and dog lovers of all ages will love this funny, lighthearted story about this adorable, curious little puppy who seems to have a nose for finding mischief wherever he goes!

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Art Classes

with Ms. Katie

Ms. Katie offers both 1-on-1 and small group art classes. All you need is a place for her to setup the art projects and she will take care of the rest. 

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Let's Create Something Awesome Together

Interested in partnering with Caitlin? Just send her a quick e-mail with your ideas or, if you want to stay connected with upcoming events, sign up for her newsletter. 

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